Apple Dissertation

Table of contents


1 . Introduction (LMP, SKC)7

1 . 1Problemstatement8

installment payments on your Methodological procedure (LMP, SKC)9

2 . 1 Social constructivism9

2 . 2 Hermeneutics 12

3. Assumptive framework (LMP, SKC)10

5. Research method (LMP, SKC)11

5. Delimitations (LMP, SKC)11

6. Structure of the thesis (LMP, SKC)12

7. CSR – principle and advancement (SKC)17

7. 1 Development of the need for CSR17

7. a couple of CSR coming from a consumer perspective18

7. three or more The concept CSR19

7. 4 CSR theories22

7. your five Preliminary conclusion24

8. CSR communication (LMP)27

8. you CSR purposes must be well thought27

8. 2 Transparent CSR interaction 28

8. 3 Integration of CSR communication twenty-eight

8. four CSR conversation must fit the brand30

8. your five The link between CSR connection, identity, photo and status. 31 8. 6 First conclusion31

9. 1 The perfect identity -- Aaker's brand identity planning model34 9. 2 A framework to get CSR communication (SKC)37

12. Apple inc. One of the most admired company in the world (LMP)41 11. Apple and CSR (SKC)43

14. 1 Apple's current CSR situation 43

12. Apple's brand identification (LMP)49

doze. 1 Apple's mission assertion 49

12. 2 Brand-as-product50

12. several Brand-as-organisation52

12. 4 Brand-as-person53

12. your five Brand-as-symbol54

12. 6 And what about CSR? 54

12. 7 Primary conclusion55

13. Apple's CSR communication (SKC)57

13. you Apple's meaning of CSR57

13. 2 Apple's commitment58

13. 3 Apple's motives60

13. 4 Moderators of Apple's CSR conversation 61

13. 5 Initial conclusion63

16. Can Apple hold their position with no integrated CSR? (LMP)67 18. 1 Should Apple work with integrated CSR communication? 68

14. 2 How to combine Apple's CSR communication within the existing main identity? seventy 14. 3 Preliminary conclusion78

15. Apple's future (SKC)81

15. one particular Possible results changing the strategy81

15. 2 Feasible outcomes - if not really changing the strategy82

15. 3 Nike and CSR82

15. 4 The world can be not grayscale white85

12-15. 5 Initial conclusion86

eighty six

16. Summary (LMP, SKC)89

List of references92


Set of figures101


Total number of characters special front page, table of contents, numbers, visual and tables, brief summary, list of recommendations, list of statistics and appendix: 98. 536 Linda Mostrup Pedersen -- LMP: 48. 960

Sanne Kildegård Christiansen - SKC: 49. 576

*Each chapter and all of the subsections are assigned to either SKC/LMP (except ch. 1-6 and 16).

1 . Introduction (LMP, SKC)

In recent years, books, magazines and buyer research have got dictated the increasing significance of Corporate Cultural Responsibility (CSR). Today it is exceptional to open a business mag that does not run into articles that mention what responsibility and sustainability. The truly great focus on environment changes in recent times, which is evident in at the. g. the establishment of UN's Weather Change Conference (COP), 1 has brought attention to sustainable creation and corporations' responsibility to society plus the environment. Furthermore, globalisation signifies that the world is now an connected with each other place wherever events taking place in one portion of the world can impact another section of the world. Therefore, the raising awareness of local climate changes and corporations impact on society has evolved stakeholder expectations towards companies' CSR procedures. These elevated expectations can be found in e. g. consumer analysis which shows that consumers consider CSR an essential characteristic in their decision making when buying a product. two For that reason, consumers' decision to obtain a product partly depends on a corporations' capacity to act responsibly. Needless to say, it also depends on just how well organizations communicate this responsibility to its stakeholders, in order to make sure they know about their CSR efforts and commitments. three or more Thus, CSR communication is vital for stakeholders to form an opinion about the organization, its manufacturer and goods, and in turn enhance business comes back to CSR...


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