Cardiovascular System IP Review Sheet Essay

Cardiovascular System IP Review Piece



1 . Valves open in response to _differences in blood pressure_ on their two sides.

2 . List the chambers/vessels the fact that four regulators connect:

Chamber| | Chamber/Vessel

Right Ventricle| Pulmonary Semilunar| Pulmonary Trunk

Left Ventricle| Aortic Semilunar| Semilunar Aorta

Left Atrium| Mitral| Remaining Ventricle

Proper Atrium| Tricuspid| Right Ventricle

| |

a few. a. Ventricular filling occurs during _Mid to late_ ventricular _diastole_.

b. Blood moves through the _atrioventricle_ or _AV_ valves in the ventricles. 4. During Ventricular Systole, what closes the AV valves?

Ventricular pressure greater than atrial pressure

five. During Ventricular Systole, what opens the semilunar regulators? Ventricular Pressure greater than pulmonic trunk and aorta 6. During Isovolumetric Relaxation, what closes the semilunar valves? Greater pressure in the atria than there is in the ventricles 7. During Isovolumetric Rest, what clears the UTAV valves? Increased ventricular pressure than what with the Atria

almost eight. Why is hypertension hard on the heart?

With hypertension, the ventricular pressure must surge higher to open the semilunar valves. For the same increase in pressure in a normotensive person, fewer blood is definitely ejected within a hypertensive person. Thus, the heart of someone with hypertonie must function harder to eject precisely the same stroke volume level.

9. Taking a look at the ventricular volume graph, the stroke volume is around how a large number of ml? _70_

10. Through the four stages listed below, condition whether the AUDIO-VIDEO and semilunar valves are opened or closed: | AV valves| Semilunar regulators

Ventricular Filling| Open| Sealed

Isovolumetric Contraction| Closed| Wide open

Ventricular Ejection| Closed| Available

Isovolumetric Relaxation| Open| Sealed


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