Case Study Smartcard Essay

Management 581 Case My spouse and i, Smart Card, LLC page 84-86

Smart Card Marketing Plan

Key card Marketing Strategy

Company Overview:

Smart Card Advertising Solutions a well-known company, established in 2003 providing you with prepaid card services to customers seeking a substitute for credit cards and since a form of electric records for merchants in regards to recording a buyer buying habit. Smart Card Promoting Solutions (referred to through this paper while SMKG going forward) presented four types on solutions: GoSmartCard, Velocity money, Velocity Merchant, and prepaid wireless. Each of the companies, in addition to the viewers, back ground on the market, strengths and weaknesses with the company, and marketing strategies. Types of Service and Competition

Go Key card

The GoSmartCard is a assistance that allows firms to use the and incentive programs. This really is offered to stores and retailed and personal account information. The platform alone is a current internet based program that screens the purchase in real-time and allow pertaining to merchants to access the information. Your competition could be any business or merchant that offers gift certificates. This assistance is offered by many retailers currently. This assistance is already in the market and for a while now. Velocity Money

The assistance includes two card types: Pin Debit Card, which is often used by clients as one could a traditional debit card and a Learn debit card, which operates like a traditional Master credit card. Both are desirable features nevertheless there lies a overloaded market with lots of competition Velocity Merchant

This service enables electronic check processing. This kind of feature continues to be offered by Tele-Check for many years. The advantage to this characteristic is the ecommerce site that provides additional features such as private labeling on Grasp card and instant cash transfers. Those are two attractive features. Prepaid Wi-fi

Now pre-paid wireless can be described as service presented, which allows the retailer would not have to pay for a...

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