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Phase 31 (15th edition)

American Life inside the Roaring ‘20s

1 . Seeing Red

1 ) Following WWI, America's disposition changed to isolationism and anti-foreigner. " Radicals" were shunned and and also the were supposed to change their ways to American.

2 . A " ​

Red Scare​

" (a fear of communism) emerged. This kind of fear was fueled by (1) the recent Russian revolution, (2) Eugene Debs growing figures, (3) loads of strikes, and (4) several mail bombs.

1 . The logic went that the reds was via Europe—all a lot more reason to shun foreign people and their methods.

2 . Correct or incorrect, people blamed the bombs on the yellows. ​

Atty. Gen.

Mitchell Palmer​

promised to round up the reds. He busted about 6th, 000

people; some were deported. This individual slowed down a little after a explosive device blew up his home.

3. Again, free speech, such as outlining one's political views, was under fire. 1 ) States approved laws outlawing advocacy of violence pertaining to social modify. 2 . Several elected representatives were refused seats within the legislature since they were Socialists.

4. The faces in the Red Frighten were Sacca and Vanzetti.

1 . Nicola Sacco​

and ​

Bartolomeo Vanzetti​

were ​

Italian immigrants

charged of murder​


2 . The value is that however was several evidence against them, many concluded all their case was based much less on ​


plus more on


strikes against them. The other strikes: ​

these were Italian, atheists,

anarchists, draft dodgers​

. We were holding tried, convicted, and accomplished.

2 . Hooded Hoodlums of the KKK

1 . The Ku Klux Klan was somewhat re-vamped at this point. The KKK had been began as an anti-black group. In the 20's, it included in its set of " we don't likes": Catholics, Jewish, pacifists, communists, internationalists, revolutionists, bootleggers, wagering, adultery, and birth control.

installment payments on your More simply, ​

the KKK was pro-white Anglo-Saxon protestant (" WASP" ) and

anti-everything else​


3. By expanding it is scope of hatred and by riding the mood of times, the KKK reached its numerical optimum during the 20's—about 5 , 000, 000 members good. 1 . The KKK used the same methods as it usually had: dread, lynchings, and intimidation.

4. Finally, the KKK was given a firm setback due to an internal money/initiation fee rip-off.

3. Stemming the Foreign Avalanche

1 . Our elected representatives took actions in the anti-foreign mood to limit foreign nationals from Europe, specifically " New Immigrants” (mostly from your southeastern Europe regions). 1 ) The ​

Emergency Sampling Act​

of 1921 ​

cut the quantity of immigrants whom

could enter America to 3% of their nationality's U. S. human population in 1910​.

1 . This kind of law to some degree favored the New Immigrants (the group they wanted to limit) because their very own numbers in 1910 were so huge. A new costs was ideal.

2 . In 1924, the ​

Migration Act​

sliced the number to 2% of your

group's U. S. population in 1890. Changing from 1910 to 1890 (before brand new Immigrants got arrived​

). This alter clearly got racial

undertones beneath it (New Immigrants out, Old Immigrants in). 1 . This law also closed the door to Western immigrants.

installment payments on your Canadians and Latin People in america were ​


as part of the law.

They were desired to function jobs.

installment payments on your In 1931, the first time, more foreign people ​


American than came. Apart from

the ​

Chinese Exclusion Act​

of 1882, this marked the first restriction on

migrants or the end of free and open American immigration. several. America was a patchwork quilt of cultural groups, particularly in the big urban centers. New ideas on the " melting pot" grew. Two theories emerged in the mental circles:

1 . Horace Kallen argued that the ethnic groups should keep their old-world traditions. They will harmonize such as an orchestra.

2 . Randolph Bourne argued the fact that groups will need to interact with one another to create a trans-nationality in America.

5. The Forbidance " Experiment”

1 . In 1919, the Eighteenth Amendment was handed ​

barring alcohol​

. Congress

passed the ​

Volstead Act​

later on in the year to carry out the...


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