Chanel McClayDallas Armstrong 63 Yrs OldOctober Essay

Chanel McClay

Based in dallas Armstrong, 63 yrs. older

October subsequent, over the telephone interview

• Question you: How do you view dance?

Mister. Armstrong: Move is.., something people get together to do as a hobby. Some people people dance for a variety of distinct reason.

Me: Why do you dance?

Mister. Armstrong: I dance to bring laughter to my friends and the people around me. Move has a way of brightening up somebody's day. Yep, it's pertaining to exercise but it's also to exhibit self expression. I love to party. I could hardly imagine lifestyle without that.

• Question 2: That which was your favorite element of dancing at the time you were youthful? Mr. Armstrong: My favorite part of dancing was the spectators. With a good maneuver, you know everybody would give you props. So coming up like a young guy in my neighborhood I would often want to be the main one to learn every one of the moves, and stay the first one to find out them. Essentially, I was known as the dude that could get upon the dance floor. Just a fun hobby, to be honest.

Me: Were the spectators Caucasian or African American?

Mr. Armstrong: Dark-colored spectators because that's who I was around but I do know for a reality we had a huge influence about how the world began to dance surrounding the 60's. • Question three or more: How do you think dance has changed as you might have grown up? Mr. Armstrong: Move hasn't changed as much as considerably as the music. But as significantly as the dances.. naturally!! They are wayyy more lovemaking and more close!

Me: Really?

Mr. Armstrong: Yes. In the event you listen to the music now, in some manner it corelates back to each of our music. The heavy bass and smoothness of our music has almost been adopted by the new generations. For the most part dance is eternal they will just have a lil' twist to these people. • Question 4: Do you have any new favorite artist, say.. Mr. bieber? Mr. Armstrong: Not really. He's ok Perhaps, but my personal all-time favourite would be Adam Brown.



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