Childcare Schooling Cypop5 Plans Essay

| | |Option 5 - Understand how to set up a work from home childcare services | |Task 2 . To be able to operate a registered house base daycare service the next policies and procedures has to be in place: accidents, illness | |and emergencies; behaviour; safeguarding; equal opportunities. | | |

Policies and Procedures

Items -

Web page 2 Car accident and Unexpected emergency

Page 4Safeguarding Children

Web page 7 Children's Behaviour

Web page 10 Equivalent Opportunities

Webpage 12 Sickness

Accident and Emergency Insurance plan

Policy declaration: accident and emergency

Let me make it a priority to keep children safe although they are during my care.

The premises had been passed meeting the countrywide standards for childminding outlined by Ofsted. It is regularly reviewed, up-to-date and utilized safely.

Like a registered childminder, I are legally necessary to have a valid first-aid license. I can dispense basic first-aid treatment, and my first-aid box is clearly tagged and easily attainable. It is kept on a shelf in my primary room. Father or mother contact numbers happen to be with the first-aid box.

I would like written permission from parents to receive emergency treatment for their child if it is necessary.


Whenever there is an accident:

• First, Let me reassure the injured kid while being sure that the other children inside my care are safe. This may mean strapping a baby in a buggy or resting an older child somewhere secure where they may be seen.

• Then, if at all possible, I will handle the incident. If not, I will ring 999 pertaining to help.

• Easily have to come with or have a child to hospital, I will either take the other kids with me, or call my personal emergency backing up cover. This will be one other registered childminder or regarded responsible adult. These people will probably be known to you and are called below.

If you have an accident or perhaps emergency, my emergency backing up cover may possibly contact you and you will be expected to acquire your child right away.

If I are able to deal with the accident me, then I is going to tell the parents immediately.

Merely accompany or perhaps take a child to medical center, I will speak to the parents and enquire them to meet me in the hospital.

Basically have the crash, I will find the nearest liable adult to help, while my emergency backup people are becoming contacted.

Let me do my own best at all times to make sure the youngsters in my care are safe, reassured and retained calm.


• The childcare environment is equipped with two smoke sensors, a fire umbrella, and open fire extinguisher. • I will execute a regular fireplace drill with all the children

In case there is fire, every one of the children will be gathered collectively and the building evacuated on the nearest leave. If inside the lounge this will be through the front door, the kitchen will be the again door. If upstairs, this will likely be over the stairs and out the doorway, where possible. If certainly not, through the free room, via the garage roof top, down to the leading lawn.

We will then proceed next door or perhaps across the road to alert the fire brigade and the parents to arrive and gather the children.

Unexpected emergency back-up cover

|Back-up authorized childminder | | | | | |Known accountable adult |...


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