Colgate Palmolive Essay

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Colgate-Palmolive: Cleopatra in Quebec?

Johansson – Web pages 325 to 334

The Canadian start extravaganza in February 1986 began with cocktails served by hostesses dressed just like Cleopatra, the queen of ancient Egypt. Then adopted a actuacion dinner having a dramatic, media presentation with the new manufacturer, ending with the award-winning business and these types of words:

Today the memory comes surviving,

a new form rises up, a new structure,

a new regular of natural beauty care

worthy of the name it bears,

Today the memory frozen in ancient rocks comes



Each one of the retailer guests had received an exclusive, fantastic, three dimensional pyramid invitation towards the launch, and expectations were high. The retailers were sick of reduced brands, most basically the same, and looking pertaining to something different and exciting. Finally, the new cleaning soap Cleopatra was revealed to the audience of almost 1, 000 – a big turnout by Canadian specifications – as well as the response was overwhelmingly great.

So keen was the market, that by the end of the nighttime the Colgate-Palmolive salespeople acquired received instructions for two, 000 cases. Bill Graham, the divisional vice president of marketing for Canada, and Steve Boyd, group product director, agreed the fact that night have been a grand success and that Cleopatra's future viewed very rosy.


Hatshepsut soap was first introduced in France in November 1984. By May of the next year, the brand name had come to an amazing business of 10%, despite the 23% value premium in contrast to other brands. Actually Colgate-Palmolive's biggest problem was keeping up with demand. By the end of 1985, business shot up to 15%. Cleopatra had actually become the number one brand in France. Cleopatra's success in France received a great deal of marketing within the organization. Encouraged by experience, the Global Marketing Group, situated in Ny, set out to get other markets for the item. They reasoned that if perhaps Cleopatra experienced worked well in France, it should do also elsewhere on the globe. Canada, especially French-speaking Quebec, canada ,, seemed like an obvious choice towards the Global Promoting Group. With the annual bring up to date meeting in New York, the group firmly recommended for the Canadian management that a check be done canada to see if Hatshepsut was a proposition for them.


Thinking about a market check for Cleopatra was welcomed with merged feelings by Canadians. A few managers, such as Stan House, assistant product manager, were enthusiastic, specifically because they will knew that Steve Boyd, group item manager pertaining to Canada, was convinced it would work. In Boyd's opinion, Canada may show the people in Ny that the same formula would do too or even better as compared to France.

Various other managers, like Ken Meeks, were even more sceptical. They will resented having a brand pushed on them. Manley believed that what Canada really necessary was a solid " national” brand, and he doubted that Cleopatra could ever become that.

Nevertheless, a decision was performed to carry on and test out the Canadian market. 1 fundamental query had to be clarified: Was right now there reasonable conviction that Hatshepsut would be acknowledged by customers in Quebec? Two types of research, the two conducted in Toronto, attempted to answer that question. The first examine was amongst a " super group” of state professional ladies, specially chosen and brought together for the event. These people were introduced to the merchandise, its cost, and the marketing, then they were asked to discuss their preferences openly. On balance, the results were positive; the ladies seemed to just like the soap and the concept.

The other research study applied more normal consumers; these people were exposed to the proposed advertising intended for Cleopatra after which were asked whether they could buy that. Fifty percent said they would. They were also given a club of soap...


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