Urban Outfitters Continuing Example: Marketing a company Essay

Urban Outfitters Continuing Case Study: Marketing an enterprise Deborah Riley

Dr . David H. Carter

BUS100 – Spring/2010

May 30, 2010

Question #1 - Describe why Target or Wal-mart cannot successfully create a trendy counterculture graphic.

I believe I don't believe that Wal-mart would be able to create a trendy counterculture because it sales clothes at a lower price. Trendy clothing would not work for them as the cost connected with trendy clothes would not be profitable. Wal-mart shoppers are looking for a bargain when they go shopping in their stores. Wal-mart is famous for their cutting down prices upon items in their stores named the Roll Back Value. " Wal-Mart said a week ago that it is upgrading price reductions, although it more than likely specify simply how much it is increasing its normal weekly savings designed to appeal customers. ” (Anderson, 2010, para 2). They also acquire their items in bulk because oppose to small quantities. While City Outfitters acquire their products in smaller sized quantities and there goods are priced larger which is why they will create a trendy counterculture. When speaking of Pep boys they are not really on the same collection as Wal-mart considering they just do not offer buyers price reductions such as roll back rates. But they perform buy their very own merchandise in larger amounts then Downtown Outfitters. Sears prices will be high when compared to Wal-mart however they offer designer labels that are not offered at Wal-mart. But they also mass produce their very own items and purchase in bulk. The things they sell in their stores will be geared towards all customers and never one particular customer. I don't think that they would be able to sale merchandise which for a specific group of people and continue to make profits. Competition is a huge problem for your business and retail stores for the most part happen to be dealing with this issue during the economic downturn period. Target has to make an effort to compete with JcPenny's and Khols and as a result of experiencing to be competitive they have...

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