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1 Background

Ways of food consumption and dietary patterns of humans have changed drastically during the period of time. In america (US), research by the USA Department of Health and Human being Services records a significant embrace daily calorie intake by men being approximately 7% between the times of 1971-2000. Women, alternatively, increases by simply an astounding 22%. This leads to an increase in overweight levels simply by 16. 4% (United Claims Department of Health and Man Services, 2004). The rise in the number of persons being obese is not restricted to the US exclusively.

The International Development Company records an ever-increasing trend throughout several key regions. Because of globalization, competition for jobs as well as pursing academic excellence, people are sleeping way shorter than what all their ancestors performed centuries in the past. People slept routinely to get 8-9hours each day in the past, even so people are hitting less than 6hours of sleeping per day (Park, 2009). Rest recharges and rejuvenates us, allowing our system to repair destroyed tissues. Due to stress accompanied by our hectic lifestyles, a lack of sleep could cause major medical problems as we age. A proper lifestyle comes with regular physical exercises, adequate sleep, as well as a healthy diet, in which the persons of today was missing. 2 Idea Generation


1 .

Classification of Medical devices & brief elaboration

Motivation of preference (why wearable medical products instead of others) Existing wearable medical unit

What kind of products do we plan to develop being different from existing products 2 .

Functions of product we all intend to develop (in detailed each of the capabilities + picture) 3.

Quest statement


Gathering Data

Interpreting Data

Managing needs


Metrics and Units

Standard on metrics


Idea Generation (using a review results to fulfill customer's needs) – a number of needed Idea Selection

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