Empress Luxury Liners Composition

Empress High-class Lines

Antonio's Honest Dilemma

In this case analyze, Empress Luxurious Line's director Antonio Melendez faces an ethical issue which a large number of managers have noticed in the corporate setting. Callahan (1990) supports this theory: Fifty-eight percent of the respondents to a latest poll assume that the ethical standards of yankee business professionals are only fair or poor. The public outcry about business ethics is paralleled in legal magazines. At the same time, a worker who is released for credit reporting or neglecting to engage in illegal or perhaps unethical activity within the corporation receives little if any legal safeguard in many U. S. jurisdictions”. This is debatable since employees must harmony organizational loyalty with the potential benefits of fixing a problem by simply shoving the organization in the spotlight (Travis, 2013). Handling the Situation at Hand

To fix this issue, Antonio should apply strategic methods just like utilitarianism or perhaps individualism, to ascertain if revealing the deceptive activity or perhaps remaining silent will be the ideal outcome for him and Empress. The 2 other moral approaches Justice and Moral-Rights, may effect Antonio's final decision in part. Yet , Travis (2013) believes " many scenarios fall in between these two quickly recognizable ends of the spectrum. To surmise, Antonio can choose from the following activities: 1). To report the fraudulent insurance claim to Empress' CFO; 2) To report the fraudulent insurance claim to the insurance company directly; 3) Allow Kevin to survey the fraud or 4) Remain quiet and let the insurance reimbursement pay money for the computer update he and so desires. The Strategic Advantages and disadvantages

Travis (2013) suggests ”before going public, potential whistleblowers need to ask themselves if their actions prevent serious harm to an individual, such as repeated safety infractions, or to someone, such as fraud”. Based on the utilitarian approach, Antonio may possibly...

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