Final Project - Broadway Cafe Dissertation

Final Project

The Broadway Café



Business Motivated Information Systems

Part one particular: Porter's Five-Force Analysis

Broadway Cafe' as its inception inside the neighborhood in 1952 offers outgrown the place in conditions of antiquated ways of working. It is in dire will need of a face life and an extreme remodeling, to say the least.

Broadway Cafe is at a unique position to receive their makeover in the City of downtown Conway, and it appears that it is going to catch up for the 21st century. We have a downtown revitalization project that is in its creation stage plus the Conway Step of Trade has invited all businesses to attend their monthly getting together with to address regions of concerns, requires and/or recommendations. We will be participating in.

Therefore , I possess assembled a team of people to provide myself with their insight of currently taking Broadway Cafe on a fresh level of interest. Our community Chamber happens to be helpful with the City of Conway downtown revitalization project below way, Broadway Café is certainly on its way.

The first period will include an analysis of what the Café needs to do strategically to remain its present customers, although creating progressive ways to appeal to new customers. Obviously, we will be competitive with our costs, but the primary concentrate is the quality of our service and products that matter to our consumers. In shifting toward the " severe makeover”, we will have some suggestion boxes in place at each table to determine what the customers would want to see inside our makeover and what genuinely matters to them. Following assessing their particular request, requirements and desires, we will certainly position a product or service line based upon its competitive strengths, which will we believe will be understood and valued by simply our customers.

Second, Broadway Café must utilize technology to enhance make an simplicity among customers and workers in terming of performing business. Therefore , we will begin with utilizing Assurer Five Makes Model to evaluate the business.

Business is a business and not a hobby, if you are in it to outlive and develop. Therefore , a business person must know the competitors next door as well as from afar. By strategizing its transformation, certain elements play a vital role in its success and should be implemented in an effective and efficient fashion.

Broadway Café must will include a program to its dedicated customers by simply creating suggestions to continue having their loyalty. With loyalty, there is trust, and with trust you having sexual stamina. Broadway may give the present consumers a dedication card that may be stamped on each visit that will entitle these to various returns (i. at the. free lunchtime on a day from the week, birthdays, bring an extra and receive 50% away, etc).

Simply by enhancing and rewarding present customers, organization will grow exponentially, because any fresh idea of gaining an advantage of other identical businesses can travel quickly in a small quaint downtown stuffed with other smaller businesses. IT can also utilize the advantage of inviting different suppliers of specific products to bid for brand spanking new items in order to compete with other suppliers.

People not end up being many hazards of replacement products or services due to the Café becoming one of simply three inside the general place. As a footnote, Broadway Café is the only 1 that has been steady.

A few employees have raised worries about rumours that are flying that Starbucks will be getting into the down-town area. To create a barrier against Starbucks, Broadway café will put into place many barriers in order to compete. The initial barrier could be the enhancement of offering identical products and services that Starbucks give. Since Starbucks is limited on the menu products, Broadway Café has already made an advantage. Broadway will create a brand new internet café to contend with Starbucks, even if the rumors aren't true. People also be a focus of reducing Broadway's rates as consumers grow to ensure any competition that would like to match or perhaps compete,...

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