High Risk Being pregnant Essay

High Risk Motherhood

-pregnant using a concurrent medical disease

-with pregnancy related complication

-presence of external factor that jeopardizes the healthiness of the mother, the unborn infant, or the two


Candidiasis (Moniliasis)


• 75% of women could have at least 1 event of VVC with 40-45% having two or more episodes ETIOLOGIC AGENT:

• Vaginal yeast infections, Candida glabrata


normal flora from the skin & vagina

not really considered as sexually transmitted

RISK FACTOR intended for Candida overgrowth


-use of OCPs

-prolonged antibiotic employ


-Iron deficiency low blood count

-use of immunosuppresants/ immunologically deficient (e. g. HIV infection)


• -severe itching, soreness & /or burning distress in the vagina & vulva • -dysuria & dyspareunia


• -thick cream cheese-like penile discharge

• -vagina shows up red & irritated


• -Direct microscopy (10% KOH) ➡ mycelia (long thread-like fibers) & psudeohyphae, budding of yeast • -(+) growth about vaginal fungus culture



• -local - Clotrimazole 1% cream 5g intravaginally by 7 days or • -Clotrimazole 100 mg vaginal tablet x 7days

• -Miconazole 2% cream 5 g intravaginally back button 7 days • -Miconazole 100 mg vaginal suppository, you supp. back button 7 days or perhaps • -Nystatin 100, 500 units penile tablet x 14 days


• -one of the more usual sexually transmitted diseases • accounts for 0.25 of vaginitis cases

• -ETIOLOGIC AGENT: Trichomonas vaginalis

• -a pear molded single-cell protozoan

• -can stand up to fairly extreme changes in the penile environment • -may assail the vaginal area, urethra & paraurethral glands • -grows best below anaerobic condition at ph level > /= 5 TRANSMISSION

• -sexual contact

• -vertical transmitting (during birth)


• - none - asymptomatic women

• -women w/ symptoms may possibly reveal

• -yellow creamy, odorous, penile discharge • -dyspareunia

• -dysuria

• -vulvar itching


• -purulent, homogeneous frothy vaginal relieve • -vulvar or penile erythema

• -strawberry cervix


• -Wet smear - minute ID from the mobile trichomonads w/ boost leukocytes (PMN's) • -(+) Whiff Evaluation upon using 10% KOH on genital secretion ➠strong rubbish odor • vaginal ph level > four. 5


-previously called nonspecific vaginitis or Gardnerella vaginitis -caused by a modification in the genital ecosystem

-overgrowth of several anerobic bacteria & a discount or absence of the lactobacilli -limited range of leukocytes ( vaginosis )


-Gardnerella vaginalis, Mycoplasma hominis, Bacteroides types MODE OF TRANSMISSION:

-currently not regarded as a A SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE but obtain appears to be associated with sexual activity SIGNS & SYMPTOMS:

-majority happen to be asymptomatic

-may present with thin, off-white, " rubbish odor” launch adherent to vaginal walls


-Wet install preparation " clue cells” - microbe laden epithelial cells -(+)Whiff test ➠strong fishy odor


-All expecting mothers w/ symptomatic disease require treatment -asymptomatic pregnant women at high risk for preterm delivery вћ should also become treated -Clindamycin 300 magnesium BID times 7 days or

-Metronidazole five-hundred mg BET PO x 7 days or

-Metronidazole two hundred fifty mg TID PO back button 7 days

Differential Diagnosis of Vaginal Infections

|Diagnostic Criteria|Normal |Bacterial Vaginosis |Trichomonas Vaginitis|Candida | | | |...


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