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WK3 Final Job Framework Worksheet

This worksheet will help you prepare for your last project by organizing the information that you'll requirement of your last paper and walking you through the technique of defining your topic, exploring and analyzing primary and secondary options, crafting a thesis, and creating an annotated bibliography. Once you have finished the worksheet submit this to the on-line classroom for grading. Following your trainer has graded the worksheet, please be sure to use it as well as the feedback supplied to you because of your instructor whenever you construct the final task.

1 . Affirmation of Theme:

What matter will you be researching for your final project? You may have the choice of: Photography equipment Americans




You must choose only ONE from the above groupings. Which group have you picked? __women______________ installment payments on your Events

You need to choose by least some specific situations that you intend to discuss in the final job. You should choose events that show just how life in the us changed after some time for the group that you chose. Two events has to be from the period between 1877 and 1945 and two events has to be from the period 1945 to the present. On this worksheet and in the final project, be sure to discuss the events get chosen inside the order that they can happened. This will help you put collectively a project that produces historical perception. Event you: 1877 to 1945

Function: The Triangular Shirtwaist stock fire______________

When: When would the event happen? Did it happen on a certain date? During a specific 10 years? March 25, 1911 _________________________________________________________________________ Where: Where did the big event happen? In a specific metropolis, state, or region of the country? Over the country? Nyc City_____________________________________________________________________________ Who also: Who were the main people active in the event? What specific group was involved? Are there particular individuals connected with this event? _Mostly female and teenagers were involved. Rose Schneiderman as well as the factory owners. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ For what reason: What occasions or problems contributed to this event happening? Poor working environments contributed to the fireplace. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Just how: How are these claims event in the past significant? Caused better working conditions__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Event 2: 1877 to 1945

Event: Guard Women's Suffrage______________________________________ When: the moment did the big event happen? Made it happen happen over a specific particular date? During a specific decade? 1919; It in fact began in 1848 and continued in 1920. _________________________________________________________________________ Where: Exactly where did the event happen? Within a specific metropolis, state, or region with the country? Through the country? The first movements was in Seneca Falls, New york city and extended throughout the world. _________________________________________________ Who: Who were the main people involved in the function? What specific group of people was involved? Exist specific persons associated with this event? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ So why: What incidents or issues contributed to this happening? Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton had been barred via attending the World Anti-Slavery...


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