Internal Control Project Conventional paper for Audit


Our group was given to carry out the duties as internal auditor to examine the operations of the Catalogue. We have been having the task depending on our aims. We have chosen TAN SRI DATO 'Sanusi Junid, Worldwide Islamic College or university (IIC) Gombak library. On Monday, 13 August 2012, we attended the IIC and the catalogue management was welcomed each of our presence. We now have interviewed Mister. Muhammad Arif Bin Osman, which is the Executive Assistants. He was beneficial in terms of delivering the information that we want for achieve the audit objectives about the library businesses and doing tasks. Each of our objectives should be ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of internal charge of library, to assure proper segregation of responsibilities exists inside the Library Department's and Finances Department. All of us also wants to ensure complying with relevant rules and regulation about borrowing policies, to ensure that the librarian happen to be follow the guidelines that offered by management. Finally, as auditor we need to make sure that the publication online borrowing system is effective. By this whole objective we all already total out project as an indoor auditor.



International Islamic College or perhaps in short, IIC, was established in the year 2000 as a private advanced schooling institution. It really is owned by IIUM, like a gateway to knowledge and erudition, can be described as full subsidiary of the Worldwide Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) Holdings Sdn Bhd. IIC purports or serves to educate, train and impart commendable values to young men and ladies who aspire, who wish, who also hope to always be the next generation of professionals and leaders.

The Tan Sri Dato' Seri Sanusi Junid Collection provides assets, services and other related features to meet the training, teaching and research needs of students and staff of the IIC. Efforts to build up the selection collection had been made to accomplish 60, 1000 collections of titles in the library which is the main purpose of planning in the library. The Library uses the Collection of Congress Classification Scheme to organize the collections.

To support academicians to get sources of references in IIC, the library purchases books, serials journals and Islamic choices. The catalogue provides the collections in the form of printable collections to build up the features in the collection to make it as one of the worldclass place of reference point, which gathers a wide range of know-how with top quality reference in numerous languages. Staffs and learners are competent to acquire library products and reservation can be manufactured at the flow counter.

Services offered by the library consist of borrowing privileges to their members, data searching expertise, internet features and research. Other features that are likewise offered are the reading areas and person study carrels. The selection can be considered being a multi-use library which offers a multitude of services pertaining to meeting users and demand. The services provided include since following: --

* Assistance and Suggestions

* Asking for and Going back

* Lockers

* Magazine Reading Areas

* Blood flow Services

* Discussion Area

* Studying Areas

* Carrels Dining tables

* Audio Visual Room

* Net Services


The need of the library for being virtual catalogue which is allow user to get access to the information within campus or outwardly at any time.


The selection is a " One Quit Knowledge Centre” to all community of Worldwide Islamic College or university.

1 . several. PHILOSOPHY

" Comprehensive and integrated education to produce alternative personalities built with excellent perceptive, physical and emotional attributes towards providing educated, valuable and skilful human resources to get the betterment of Islam, the community and country. "

1 . some. VALUES

* Commitment to Islamic Beliefs.



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