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Abbott and Costello – Dyeing Routine

A classic Abbott and Costello routine from their radio demonstrate – in which Bud Abbott is discussing his Uncle Herman whom works in a dye stock, and Lou Costello confuses " dyeing” for " dieing” — with minimal effort, it might be turned into a gospel ministry skit, at the end the clown taking Bud's part discussing dying, psychic death and eternal your life.

Bud Abbott: You'd better take that suit to my Granddad Herman's, At the Kurt Dry out Cleaning Flower. Lou Costello: Dry Cleaning Plant? What's your Dad Herman performing there? Bud Abbott: Very well this is Friday, He's dyeing today.

Lou Costello: � That's horrible Abbott, My spouse and i didn't even know he was sick. Bud Abbott: Wow, He basically sick, your dog is dyeing.

Lou Costello: � He's dying and this individual isn't sick and tired?

Bud Abbott: That's right, if perhaps he was unwell he could hardly dye. Lou Costello: � Why not?

Bud Abbott: Very well it's against the rules from the cleaning flower. Lou Costello: � You mean they will wouldn't let him die if he's sick. Bud Abbott: That's right. If a fellow is unwell they will not let him in to the place to dye. Lou Costello: � What do they do keep him in the street?

Bud Abbott: Oh no no no! He cant coloring in the street.

Lou Costello: � This individual can't?

Bud Abbott: Zero, if he wants to coloring he must go up several floors. Lou Costello: � He's got to die on the seventh floors?

Bud Abbott: Well certainly.

Lou Costello: � Is there any escalator in the place?

Bud Abbott: No .

Lou Costello: � The nerve of the persons!

Bud Abbott: What do you mean?

Lou Costello: � Making an unhealthy man climb seven flooring surfaces to expire! Why don't that they send him home? Bud Abbott: Because his better half won't allow him to dye in the home. Lou Costello: � Partner don't?

Bud Abbott: She don't wish him dyeing in the house.

Lou Costello: � She no longer?

Bud Abbott: No .

Lou Costello: � He might as well go crawl under a rock. Imagine a guy can't possibly die in the own house. Bud Abbott: No simply no, if will be certainly any dyeing to be performed around the house, his wife will it. Lou Costello: � You mean...


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