Learn Composing by the Comics Essay



1 . 1 . Background in the Study

Articles are one of the four skills close to listening, speaking and reading. Writing is a procedure of connection. It is very important for anybody to know how to write appropriately to send the data to an individual. Among publishing, reading, speaking and tuning in, writing is one of the most complex factor but it can be described as crucial skill for students to master. Students who have the ability and competency on paper English can express themselves successfully. Moreover, they will have more privilege when applying for the job. The truth we often observe is that, actually many elementary students learn the theory much better than practice. For example , " they might have the expertise how to speak, but they find difficulties tips on how to write the term that is spoken by them” (Calkins, 2008). They insufficient practice, that they only begin to see the dictionary to learn the meaning with the word as well as how to tell it rather than bear in mind how to cause and write down thier word. To make their intelligence of the vital that you know how the word should be created There are some challenges in writing subject which are:

* Lack of Language

Pupils have language problem since they rarely looking for the word by using the book and finding out how the word is should be drafted. * Different of the pronunciation.

There is a big different among English dialect and Indonesian Language inside the pronunciation, the Indonesian Terminology which is the primary language that used by the scholars have another type of pronunciation with English language for the alphabet and words by way of example word " U” in Indonesian vocabulary the pronunciation still " U” like rumah intended for house and luka to get scar however in English language " U” pronunciation turn into an " A” in Indonesian terminology for example sun and jump words. 2. The method of Learning.

The 8th level students can't stand the The english language subject because they cannot find virtually any fun when they learn that " They have a great potential creativity and a passionate determination to issues that curiosity them (Harmer, 2001), this would be the situation of the tutor to find the successful way to train the The english language language which make the students interesting in this examine. I want to discuss one of the many problems connected with English learning. The difficulties may appear when the school consists of a big number of learners. The raucous class would not only bother the students who also really want to study, but also influence the students' focus to the subject given in class. The condition such as this can make the scholars feel bored and do not like to study. In the event that this condition carries on they will feel very bored but not interested in studying English. In such a case the teacher's role is essential, that is to encourage them to study better. Generally, comics can be loved by the students because they will like testimonies. It is also a proper method for the students at their age. In order to make the students more interesting, great media will be needed. The word ‘media' can be defined simply by Brown: M. W, Rich B. M, Fred Farrenheit: H (2006) as tools or the physical things used by a teacher to facilitate the teaching. According to Gerlach and Elly (2004), " to choose the appropriate media, the instructor must consider the characteristics from the students, which directly associated with the learning method such as verbal abilities, aesthetic and audio tracks perception skills”. Moreover (Gerlach and Elly: 1980) explained other factors which will also ought to be considered in media variety come from the instructional system model, that is certainly, the organization of groups, time available as well as the space in which the media will be used. Comic is one of the media to show writing. Comedian is a creative art form using a series of static photos in set sequence. Applying English comics as a means for teaching writing can be very pleased and interesting to the college students. By using The english language comics students will be more interested and more energetic in learning. They may feel something new...

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