Studying the Philosophical Thoughts of Chuang Tzu Through Nan Hua Zhen Jing Essay


The main content material:

1 . Generalizing the conditions which will form the philosophical thoughts of Chuang Tzu.

Regarding the socio-economic conditions:

Chuang Tzu occupied the Warring States Period. This period seen the increasing popularity of flat iron tools designated a revolutionary innovation of production tools and the development of interpersonal productive. Agriculture, industry and economy as well developed during the Warring Claims Period. Solariego relations of production steadily formed, therefore when the Warring States period started, that marked the end of function at the captivity which carrying out a pattern from the Orient. The era of Warring States is trouble times. The truly amazing transformation of all aspects in this period has left many plastic stamps which affect every domains of existence and set out your philosophical challenges for time.

Regarding the premise thoughts:

Chuang Tzu lived in a period corresponding to the philosophical summit of Oriental thought — the Hundred Schools of Thought. It is additionally known as the Fantastic Age of Chinese philosophy because a diverse range of thoughts and concepts were created and discussed freely. Surviving in the most designed period of the Chinese beliefs, Chuang Tzu can understand all the philosophies in The Warring States, except Han Fei's theory. Living during the turmoil, the philosophical thoughts of Chuang Tzu inevitably inspired by the Good Chinese's thoughts at this time.

Brief introduction about Chuang Tzu and Nan Hua Zhen Jing

Chuang Tzu originated from the Town of Meng (in modern Anhui) in Music Dynasty, residing in the time of King Hui of Liang and Kinh Xuan of Qi (late 4th hundred years BCE). He is the typical philosopher for Daojia, one of the greatest philosophers in History of Ancient – Middle Grow older Chinese Viewpoint. Chuang Tzu is considered to follow along with Lao Tzu's doctrine of Dao, making it develop more bright and popular. He's a minor recognized in the area. However , he gave up his appointment and lived otage for the rest of his life at Nan Hua Mountain in the state of Song. With this place, he wrote Nan Hua Zhen Jing.

Nan Hua Zhen Jing (also known as The book of Chuang Tzu) is only work of Chuang Tzu that today we nonetheless know. This kind of work was lost several time, retrieved and then shed again. So it has some unavoidable errors. This work, in its current condition consisting of thirty-three chapters, is definitely traditionally divided into three parts: the first, known as the " Inner Chapters", consists of the first eight chapters; the second, known as the " Outer Chapters", consist of another 15 chapters; the last, referred to as " Combined Chapters", include the remaining 11 chapters. Chuang Tzu was renowned for his brilliant wordplay and use of parables to put frontward his philosophical thoughts.

Nan Hua Zhen Jing was translated in Vietnamese. The most popular translators of Nan Hua Zhen Jing in Vietnam are Thu Giang – Duy May Nguyen, Hien Le Nguyen, Tong Nhuong, Ton Nhan Nguyen. In my report, My spouse and i read and quoted the translation of Hien Votre Nguyen.

2 . Some philosophical thoughts of Chuang Tzu in Nan Hua Zhen Jing

Community outlook of Chuang Tzu: The inheritance and advancement Lao Tzu's doctrine inside the concept Dao.

Chuang Tzu advocated the primary options for whole community is nothing at all. He identified that anything in this world gets the common beginning which is called Dao, even though they have many differences. In Chuang Tzu's conceptions, Dao is formless, unknown, empty, in fact it is beyond space, time, your life and fatality. Dao is " non-material” so that no person gave this birth and it created from itself. This means Dao got before paradise and earth. So Dao is the beginning of whole world.

Chuang Tzu said that Dao constantly alterations. Everything in this world always movements and transforms, and we can't say for sure where they start, how they end. Yet , they modify follow the group of strict guidelines and have the normal power. Anything contains Dao as their characteristics. All are...


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