Line Follower Robot Dissertation


EE2G - Design Record


twenty-five. 01. 2012

Table of Contents


The Group Contract3


Literature Review4

History of cellular robots: 4

The history of the line-following programs: 5

Recurring a sophisticated projects upon line-following robots or line-following based programs: 5

Aspires: 6

Aims: 6

Requirements: 6

System Decomposition7

Group Management Structure9

Name of the Robot9

Mechanical Design10

Technological Options, Essential Review and Final Design Choice10

Alternative 110

Option 211

Report on the Frame12

Review of the Wheels12

Last Design13

Digital Design14

Technological Options, Important Review and Final Design Choice14

The Control Unit: 14

The chosen microcontroller and the reasons: PIC16F64815

Stepper Motors Device: 16

The Driver Unit16

Application Design18

Technological Options, Critical Review and Final Design and style Choice18

Strange or even number of sensors18

The Number of Sensors18

The design in which the detectors are put together18

The angle in the V19

How does the program operate? 19

Time Management plan22

Risk Assessment24

Very conceivable, low cost and manageable risks24

The strategies we have especially come up with intended for the Automatic robot project25

Pieces Wish List26




The Group Contract

As a group, EGM had one target, to create life to ICKI. This may not happen good results . cooperation and hard work. Simply by signing this contract you declare:

5. EGM can do the tasks they can be responsible for by the internal deadline decided.

5. If EGM had virtually any problems fulfilling any of their responsibilities they should inform the group innovator in advance.

* EGM should certainly back up all of their group buddies in sudden and hard situations.

* EGM should trust all their group friends for their capacity for doing their own responsibilities even so this does not signify they cannot claim their view and tips.

* While the work break up has been determined when the entire group had been together, EGM is prohibited to complain about the inconsistency inside the work division among the people of the group.

* In any case when every one of the group users cannot be able to agree on one particular subject they may have to depend votes. In the event that they tie they will need to ask a person's opinion every single group member trusts. (Or they can switch a coin alternatively. )

5. If EGM wants to alter any of the ideas, they should discuss it with the rest of the group first. They can be not allowed to accept doing some thing and do it in their personal way without a group arrangement.

* EGM is responsible for going to all the conferences unless there is a convincing reason not doing so.

In the event any of the group members disobeys any of the claims above, the rest of the group has got the right to lessen their draw upon agreement.

Delaram SharifiZhanar Samayeva

Hedieh Ekhlasi Xun Liu


The purpose of this initial statement is to survey the created plan made in order to complete the presented Robot Project. This project is given to entire second year and the purpose of the project is to design and construct a great autonomous automatic robot that should follow the dark collection track over a light history. First there is an overview on the line follower robots in literary works review, The aims, aims and requirements will follow the review. Literature Review

The line-following automated programs are categorized under the " Mobile Robots”. Mobile Automated programs are the automated programs which do not have a fixed foundation; they can move about and do not actually stand for one position. These kinds of programs are fairly important as it is known in this section of the article from Wikipedia's Mobile robot is stated listed below: " Mobile robots would be the focus of quite a lot of current research and almost every major university has more than one labs that focus on portable robot exploration. Mobile software are...

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