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Course Title: Summary of Linguistics and Communication Ideas Professor: Doctor Merlita Q. Santos

Discussant: Herbert Meters. Tabios

The Breakthrough of Linguistics Scientific research (1820-1960)

a. 1820 to 1875

John Grimm

Grimm's law

Grimm's lawВ (also referred to as theВ First GermanicВ Sound ShiftВ or theВ Rask's-Grimm's rule), known as forВ Jacob Grimm, is a set of statements describing the inheritedВ Proto-Indo-EuropeanВ (PIE) stops because they developed inВ Proto-GermanicВ (PGmc, the common ancestor of the Germanic branch of the Indo-European family) in theВ 1st millennium BC. It determines a set of frequent correspondences between earlyВ GermanicВ stopsВ andВ fricativesВ and the stop consonants of particular otherВ centumВ Indo-European languagesВ (Grimm used mostlyВ LatinВ andВ GreekВ for illustration). Since it is presently created, Grimm's Legislation consists of three parts, which will must be looked at as three progressive, gradual phases in the sense of aВ chain shift:[1] 1 ) Proto-Indo-European voicelessВ stopsВ change into voicelessВ fricatives. 2 . Proto-Indo-European voiced stops become voiceless stops. several. Proto-Indo-European been vocal aspirated ceases become voiced fricatives; in the end, in most Germanic languages these voiced fricatives become voiced stops. The chain move can be abstractly represented as:

bК°В в†’В bВ в†’В pВ в†’В Йё

dК°В в†’В dВ в†’В tВ в†’В Оё

Karl Verner

Verner's legislation, stated byВ Karl VernerВ in 1875, describes a historicalВ sound changeВ in the proto-Germanic languageВ whereby voiceless fricatives *f, *Гѕ, *s and *x, when rigtht after an unstressed syllable inside the same expression, underwent giving voice and became respectively *b, *d, *z and *g. WhenВ Grimm's lawВ was learned, a strange anomaly was spotted in its procedure. TheВ Proto-Indo-EuropeanВ (PIE) voiceless stops *p, *t and *k really should have changed into Proto-Germanic (PGmc) *f, *Гѕ (dental fricative) and *x (velarВ fricative), according to Grimm's Legislation. Indeed, that was regarded as the usual advancement. However , presently there appeared to be a big set of words and phrases in which the arrangement ofВ Latin, Ancient greek language, В Sanskrit, В Baltic, В SlavicВ etc. certain PIE *p, *t or perhaps *k, but the Germanic reflex was a voiced consonant (*b, *d or *g). At first, unevenness did not offer scholars nights without sleep as long as there were many examples of the regular outcome. Increasingly, nevertheless , it became the ambition ofВ linguistsВ to formulate standard andВ exceptionlessВ rules of sound alter that would take into account all the data (or since close to the suitable as possible), not merely for any well-behaved part of it. One particular classic example of PIE *t > PGmc *d is a word to get 'father', CAKE *pH2te: 3rd there’s r (here *H2 stands for aВ laryngeal, and the digestive tract marks vowel length) > PGmc *fade: r (instead of predicted *faГѕe: r). Curiously, the structurally related family term *bhra: te: r 'brother' developed while predicted by simply Grimm's Regulation (Gmc. *bro: Гѕe: r). Even more strangely enough, we often findВ bothВ *Гѕ and *d as reflexes of QUICHE *t in different forms of 1 and the same root, at the. g. *werГѕ- 'turn', preterite *warГѕ 'he turned', although e. g. preterite dual and previous participle *wurd- (plus ideal inflections).

September Schleicher

September Schleicher (1821–1868) and his Stammbaumtheorie can often be quoted while the starting place of evolutionary linguistics. Encouraged by the organic sciences, especially biology, Schleicher was the first to compare dialects to evolving species.[3] He introduced the representation of language people as an evolutionary shrub in content published in 1853.  Joseph Jastrow published a gestural theory of the progression of terminology in the 7th volume of Science, 1886.[4] The Stammbaumtheorie turned out to be very effective for comparative linguistics, but didn't solve difficulties problem of studying the origin of terminology: the lack of fossil records. The question of the origin of language was abandoned because unsolvable. Once, the Société Linguistique de...


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