Long Term Sources of Finance Composition


Long term types of finance are the institutions or perhaps agencies or perhaps institutions from where finance/ cash can be elevated for a long period of the time. In case of sole-proprietary concerns and partnership firms long term cash are generally given by the owners themselves or perhaps by their maintained profits. In case of Companies in whose financial requirements are somewhat large, listed here are the options from which funds are brought up: (1. ) Capital Industry

(2. ) Special Financial Institutions

(3. ) Mutual Cash

(4. ) Leasing Firms

(5. ) Foreign Sources

(6. ) Retained Revenue


Capital markets refer to the business and the system through which the businesses, other establishments and the government raise long lasting funds. Therefore it constitutes all long-term borrowings from banks and banking institutions, borrowings coming from foreign market segments and raising of capital by providing various securities such as stocks and shares, debentures, provides etc . intended for trading of securities there are two different segments in capital market. One is major market as well as the other is secondary marketplace. The primary market deals with new/ fresh issue of securities and is. Therefore , known as new issue industry. the secondary market alternatively, provides a place for purchase and sale of existing securities and is also known as wall street game or stock exchange. Individuals and institutions which contribute to the talk about capital of the company turn into its shareholders. They are also referred to as members of the company. Before shares will be issued, the directors in the company have to decide on the next matters: - * How much capital which is to be raised by concern of stocks and shares.

* The types of shares that is issued.

2. The time of issuing shares.


a number of unique financial institutions have been completely set up by the central and state government authorities to provide long term finance for the business organizations. They also offer support providers in releasing of the fresh enterprises and thus also to get expansion and modernization of existing enterprises. Some of the important ones will be Industrial Finance Corporation of India (IFCI), Industrial Expenditure Bank of India (IIBI), Industrial Credit rating and Expense Corporation of India (ICICI), Industrial Expansion Bank of India (IDBI), Infrastructure Development Finance Company Limited. (IDFC), Tiny Industries Advancement Bank of India (SIDBI), State Industrial Development Corporations (SIDCs), and State Monetary Corporations (SFCs) etc . since these organizations provide development finance these are generally known as Creation Banks or Development Finance institutions (DFIs). Besides these there are there are a few different financial institutions such as Life Insurance Organization of India (LIC), Basic Insurance Corporation of India (GIC) and Unit Trust of India (UTI) which will provide long term finance to companies and subscribe to their very own share and debentures. The key functions of such institutions are: (1. ) to scholarhip loans for a longer period to industrial establishment; (2. ) to help the organization of sections that require wide range of funds and also have long gestation periods. (3. ) to provide support to get the rapid development of our economy in general and backward areas in particular. (4. ) to offer specialized companies operating in areas of advertising, project assistance, technical elderly care at home and teaching and progress entrepreneurs. (5. ) to provide technical and professional administration services and help in id, evaluation and execution of recent projects.


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