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PTLLS 6302 Treatment 1 (Monday)


To learn teaching in a social goal context

Level 3 Learning Outcomes

At the end of the period, the spanish student will be able to:

в†ђ Explain own responsibilities to maintain a safe and supportive learning environment (1. 3. 1) в†ђ Make clear ways to enhance appropriate actions and esteem for others (1. 3. 2)

Level some Learning Outcomes

At the end in the session, the learner should be able to:

в†ђ Clarify how to establish and maintain a safe and supportive learning environment (8. 3. 1) в†ђ Explain tips on how to promote suitable behaviour and respect individuals (8. a few. 2)

Extra Learning Outcomes

At the end from the session, the learner can:

← List the 4 cornerstones of teaching for a social purpose ← Explain so why self-awareness is the central essential skill of teaching ← Prolong the definition of ‘teaching'



For students to feel comfortable in College and the program and worked out and enthusiastic by the learning ahead.

Win/Win/Win (impact on communities)

Values-grounded teaching inside the voluntary, public and community sectors


Just how did you:

Embrace variety of view? Thinking Environment applications inspire students to believe and speak for themselves. Resonate with those details present? Sources to educating contexts displayed in the room; record entries let early differentiation. Reflect the experience of absent identities? Stories by previous courses; at this stage give attention to other teaching contexts.


MUST FUNDAMENTAL STRETCH Engage in activities, including enrolling in the LLRC WILL NEED TO FURTHER EXTEND Borrow from the LLRC/check away Northern Attention and begin examining COULD ADVANCED STRETCH Engage with social networking activities and the blog

Additional Learning Support

How can any actions support the learning of individuals? Simply no additional learning support has become identified at this time; venue to get the week facilitates close communication with ALS Co-ordinator if concerns arise.


What additional strategies are you going to use to enhance the learning of individual learners? Testing fresh ILP model, with learners individually determining further learning goals.

Guitar tutor ILP

EMPLOY THIS SPACE TO CHECK ON IN WITH YOURSELF BEFORE EVERY SINGLE SESSION |Strengths |Areas pertaining to Development |Action Required | | | | | | | | | | | |

|Time |Tutor Input | |Time |Tutor Input |Student Input |Contribution to Assessment Strategy |Functional Skills Enhancement |Preference |Resources | | |Teaching Self-confidence |Place home on Educating |INITIAL (individuals also notice this |Development of SELF-AWARENESS |See |Teaching Confidence | | | |Confidence ensemble |information prove ILP). Group info to|via ILP |Feel |posters | |...

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