Mr Sim300 Essay



Academic Level: 2

PET CATS credits: 15

Device handbook: 2012/13

Unit innovator: Dr . Ioannis Kostopoulos

Spiel: Room: A000

Seminars: Bedrooms: C420, J209, C414, A409,

G301, A409, A410, G225,

C419, H309

Department of promoting, Tourism and Hospitality

Bedfordshire Business Institution


1 . Launch and welcome3

2 . Unit leader and team details3

3. Is designed and learning outcomes5

a few. 1 Product aims5

3. 2 Learning Outcomes5

some. Approach to learning6

5. Evaluation brief7

6. Teaching and reading schedule11

7. Reading and resources12

1 . Intro and pleasant

Marketing is usually part of our lives and touches us in some way daily. It is also a vital factor in organization success and is also increasingly employed by organisations in a wide range of areas. The unit commences with an examination of the marketing principle and marketing theory. It goes on to consider the various problems that marketers encounter in advertising decision making and the concepts and theories that will help.

The unit allows you to understand the challenges of marketing management in manufacturing and service companies: analysing advertising environments; considering strategic alternatives and designing marketing programmes involving decisions about products/services and important concepts from the services advertising theory.

Primary in this unit therefore is on the theory and practice of marketing inside the context of organisations. About completion of the machine you will have obtained understanding of the decisions that face internet marketers in a intricate and energetic environment plus the concepts and theories you can use to inform these kinds of decisions.

This kind of handbook outlines the content and key features of the unit. We hope you enjoy this kind of unit and locate the variety of duties and checks both interesting and difficult. The unit essentially continues the theme of the usage by providing the required marketing suggestions into the Applied Integrated Business core unit. Accordingly, this issue content is going to serve to reinforce and contextualise the learning within that product. The focus will be on an online and effective learning environment to engage college students in learning actions throughout the periods.

This handbook should be the first level of reference point. It traces everything you will need to know about how this unit is structured, the tests and the studying that is required. You should take some time to read it thoroughly. This guide will help you progress smoothly and enjoyably through this device.

Additionally, you will find a on a regular basis updated source of information and an electronic copy of this guide in the unit website upon Blackboard BREO.

The address is usually: (no www required)

2 . Unit leader and team particulars

Unit Innovator

Ioannis Kostopoulos

Ioannis Kostopoulos is a Lecturer inside the Department of Marketing Tourism and Hospitality by University of Bedfordshire. His research hobbies are in services marketing, internal marketing and market research. During his asking work he has worked numerous large agencies in the food, telecommunications and sports' industry. He contains a PhD in Services Marketing, a master's level in Marketing and Communications and a bachelors degree in Statistics.

Email: ioannis. [email protected] ac. uk

Office several hours: Wednesday 10-11 am and Thursday 12 13 pm

Office: To get arranged (Students will be educated through BREO)

Telephone Number: To be arranged (Students will be up to date through BREO)

Other Lecturers

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Tony Pyne, now partial retired, provides taught promoting at the College or university of Bedfordshire for two decades. His research interests are in designed for profit advertising services marketing. Prior to getting an academic he was the marketing overseer of a little international market research agency specialising in modern products and just before that the operations...


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