Neoclassicism compared to Romanticism Composition

Neoclassicism & Romanticism


Neoclassicism, 1780s:

Neoclassical pieces generally portrayed Roman history; they elevated Both roman heroes. Through the 1780s was an Regarding Reason and through their history art, its performs were modes for selling the Enlightenment ideals. Lots of the pieces, just like the Oath in the Horatii, will be reactions for the revolutions of their time. This part is a contact to biceps and triceps, which implies that man is fantastic and can be in charge. Pieces through the Neoclassical time show a greater contemplative moment like the one in this piece.


-brought back and depicted Roman history

-formal composition

-the utilization of diagonals displays the pinnacle of emotion/moment (versus an everyday moment) -local color

-overall light

-classic geo-structure

-completed canvas

Romanticism, 1800s-1810s:

Unlike Neoclassicism, Romanticism was during the Regarding Passion; there is no time intended for contemplation, so pieces generally showed psychological extremes. Romanticism is a reaction to the classical, contemplative nature of Neoclassical pieces. Romanticism celebrated the elemental forces of nature, depicting nature because out of control. When the uncontrollable mother nature is compared to life, that makes persons think lifestyle should be uncontrollable; life ought to be continuously within the edge.


-shows the height of action

-emotional extreme conditions

-celebrated mother nature as uncontrollable

-dramatic compositions

-heightened sensation (life and loss of life moments)


Neoclassicism in France:

Adéläide Labille-Guiard, Self-Portrait with Two Pupils, 1785 Jacques Louis-David, Oath of the Horatii, 1784-1785

Angelica Kauffmann, Cornelia Pointing to her Children as Her Treasures, 1785


Antoine-Jean Gros, Napoleon in the Plague House in Jaffa, 1804 Jean-Auguste Dominique Ingres, Significant Odalisque, 1814

Adéläide Labille-Guiard, Self-Portrait with Two Pupils, 1785, Oil on Fabric

-pastel shades, delicately curving forms, beaitiful figures and a light-hearted mood -French portrait piece of art before the The french language Revolution of 1789, similar to this piece, could possibly be characterized as being a modified kind of Rococo; elegant informality always been featured, nevertheless new topics were presented, figures tended to be larger and more robust and compositional preparations were more stable -Labille-Guiard was elected to one from the four areas in the People from france Academy accessible to women and after successfully petitioned to end the restriction in women -this work is often seen as a promocion piece that argues intended for the place of women in the Schools -the amazing image of the artist for her easel was designed to eradicate any rumors that men colored her functions and the performs of different female music artists; for example , in a role change, the only male in her work can be her day job – her father, whose bust is usually behind her -the self-portrait flatters the painter's regular feminine necklaces in a method generally consistent with the Rococo traditions; she has an even more monumental female type, in keeping with her pregnancy of women while important members to countrywide life, which is an Enlightenment aspiration; the triangular arrangement of the statistics adds to this kind of effect -the work as well shows a rich palette and information

-the artist's fashionable dress asserts her femininity; the presence of her pupils and the figurine of the Vestal Virgin in the background emphasize the feminist feelings (and present that women can and should always be teachers) – in old Rome, the Vestal virgins were the holy priestesses of Vesta, the goddess of the hearth; their major task was to maintain the sacred fire of Vesta – the Vestal duty brought great exclusive chance and provided greater liberties to ladies who served in this role

Jacques Louis-David, Oath of the Horatii, 1784-1785, Oil on Painting

-royal commission payment

-reflects the taste and ideals of Paillette XVI who had been sympathetic...


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