Nitration Research laboratory Essay

Nitration of Methyl Benzoate

Date of Finalization: February up to 29, 2012 Date Report Published: March 13, 2012 Aim of Experiment: The purpose of this kind of experiment is was to synthesize methyl 3-nitro benzoate from methyl benzoate through an electrophilic aromatic substitution reaction. Chemical substance Equation:


Name of Compound Molecular weight MP/BPGrams UsedMoles Applied Methyl benzoate136. 16 g/mol-12. 5 OC /199. 6 OC0. 28g2. 056*10-3 Sulfuric acid63. 01 g/mol10 OCCITAN /337OC 0. 8g1. 2*10-2

Nitric acid98. 08 g/mol-42 OC /83 OC 0. 2g2. 039*10-3

Methyl 3-nitro benzoate181. 15 g/mol78 OC /279 OC 0. 107g5. 906*10-4

Procedural Details

To a reaction tube 0. six mL of concentrated sulfuric acid was added; accompanied by 0. 28g of methyl benzoate. Using a glass-stirring fishing rod the contents was stirred. The mixture was in that case cooled to 0 OCCITAN where a mixture of 0. 2mL of concentrated sulfuric acid solution and 0. 2mL of concentrated nitric acid was added drop wise. The response was kept on ice and stirred with the help of each drop of acid solution. Once each of the acid have been added, test tube that contains the mix was removed from ice and allowed to take 15 minutes after having come to room temperatures. In a small beaker, the content was poured in 2 . your five grams of ice-cold normal water. Using a filter flask and a Hirsch funnel the product was separated by suction filtration. The item was laundered with drinking water and then with one 0. 2mL of ice-cold methanol. It was finally recrystallized, with an equal volume of methanol, allowed to dried out and assessed.

Results, Synopsis, and Conclusions:

Limiting Reagent is Methyl benzoate.

Assumptive yield

(. 28g/136. 16) * (181. 15) sama dengan. 3725g


. 107g. (. 107g/. 3725g) * 100 = 28. 7% of methyl 3-nitrobenzoate The methyl 3-nitrobenzoate that was collected weighted to be. 107g. A burning point was preformed having a temperature range of. The final range was, this value was similar to the CRC manual. Answers to...


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