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As a child We often wondered how and why roadways and locations in the city were so named While i grew up I was mystified by simply names such as Dadar and Parel and once I started out work in Ballard Estate I never have to know genuinely who Ballard was What did Hornby Vellard imply and how performed Cotton Green or even Churchgate get their titles The new rulers of the city had made certain that all things related United kingdom were unceremoniously written off in favor of community names Spectacular statues of the builders from the city which dotted the urban scape and gave it figure were moved away to unknown locations For a long time, there were even less care for the heritage left out So in retirement, as time passes on my hands, I started out the quest for the answers I got bits and pieces from various writings until I finally zoomed on to a book with a gentleman referred to as Samuel Townsend Sheppard who painstakingly explored and composed what I was looking for; all in 1911 Google has it like a read just; manually replicated text nicely laden with mistakes on almost every collection Using this since source yet others on the web about people and places, I had been able to collate snippets of very interesting information which I thought I should talk about What I have got put together is usually therefore a collation of material with some enhancing I have pasted pictures from the web appropriate towards the time Its not clear in my experience if one of the pictures are copyrighted I've avoided those which say they are I use no aspire to use it pertaining to commercial goal This is only pertaining to private entertainment with close friends I have tried to retain the taste of the instances this was written in to make comments in italics to provide the current status where needed I do expect you will appreciate this just as much as I have

Ashwin Panemangalore Pune, October 15th 2012

1 . Abdul Rehman Street Given its name a seaside merchant who have owned most of this area via near Crawford Market right up until Pydhoni This area was after bought by simply Sir Jamsetjee Jeejeebhoy This kind of street has several areas, Batlivala Road.. Batlivala becoming the surname of Friend JJ.. Machhi Bazaar, delete word one in the locality up till the late 90, Bangri bazaar, there being outlets of bangle dealers and Rangari Mohola, street of dyers

2 . Agripada Brands as Nagpada and Agripada are of South Of india origin, fada or padu being the Kannada phrase for a hamlet The district later developed by the Improvement Trust, was once to acquire been entertained by Agris or cultivators There were three sub-divisions or classes of Agris in Bombay, viz., Bhat Agris or rice cultivators, Mitta Agris or perhaps salt companies and Bhaji-pala Agris or vegetable cultivators

3. Albert Road ( in Chinchpokli ) Named after the Albert Sassoon Mills ( as defunct) positioned on the Road. Friend Albert Abdullah David Sassoon, Bart. (1818-1896), son of David Sassoon, State Treasurer of Baghdad born generally there and was educated in India, his father having moved to Bombay, where he established a financial and mercantile house Having been head of the firm in 1864 His business perception made him the most wealthy man in Bombay during those times He made various handsome donations to Bombay, including the Sassoon Wet Dock at Colaba, the Elphinstone High Schoolthe Sassoon Hospital in Poona, the Synagogue in Poona and many other institutions He was built Baronet in 1890 four. Alexandra Highway near Gamdevi Named after the Alexandra laurels which grew there comparable to Laburnum Road

5. Altamount Road Given its name Col Altamount who was in the service with the Nawab of Lucknow.. ”a man with very black hair and whiskers coloured with the violet of tyre, a sad rascal” He had a bungalow on this road 6th. Antop Slope Perhaps named after the owner who have lived there may have been Portuguese Anton or a local Antoba… undetermined 7. Apollo Streets and Bunder Corruption by Polo or Pallo which can be referred to inside the 1700s or Palva ( large battle vessel ) which one guide states

8. Ardesir Dady Street ( Girgaum) " Named after a rich Parsi gentleman Mr....


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