Poetry Evaluation Essay

English 1302, Composition II

Poetry Evaluation

Assignment: Choose ONE of the encourages below; after that write a 3-4 page poetry analysis when you analyze the utilization of literary components in one of the assigned poems detailed: " America” (Claude McKay); " All of us Wear the Mask” (Paul Laurence Dunbar); " Harlem (A Dream Deferred)” (Langston Hughes); " Mirror” (Sylvia Plath); " The Veggie Eaters” (Gwendolyn Brooks); " To The Mercy Killers” (Dudley Randall); " Do Not Proceed Gentle into That Good Night” (Dylan Thomas).

Your goal is to explicate (interpret) and analyze (examine) one poem, defending your interpretive assert (a obvious, concise, arguable, and manly thesis statement that explains what the poetry mean and how literary elements (i. electronic. speaker, radical language (metaphor, simile, synechdoche, metonymy, representation, hyperbole, zusammenstellung einander widersprechender begriffe, paradox), imagery, sound habits, format, idea, persona, develop, symbolism, connotation, or denotation) are employed to convey the poem's message. Your primary support need to come from the poem itself; however , you will be necessary to incorporate at least two secondary resources into your function.

You must employ literary present verb anxious in reference to the poem and sources; nevertheless , you may not employ first-person (I, me, we, our, us), second-person (you) references, or perhaps contractions (isn't( is not). Neither off topic neither late essays will be acknowledged; also, duplicated essays quickly receive a zero, and they may not be made up.

In this paper you can expect to adhere to the next:

• Make and support a claim concerning some a significant an given poem. • Have a clearly-stated thesis that includes fictional elements and provide the basic overview of your argument. • Use quotes from the poem to compliment your key points. As well, use fictional criticism by relevant and reliable sources to support your major items. • Help to make interpretive fights about chinese, tone, imagery, and numbers of speech in the poems, all toward proving your thesis. • Put reductions between phrases to indicate a line break when citing less than 4 lines: " We put on the face mask that grins and is placed, / It hides each of our cheeks and shades our eyes, --” • (Anything more than 4 lines ought to be put into obstruct format, indenting 10 places and double spacing the text) The opening stanza of Louise Bogan's " Women” startles readers by simply presenting a bad stereotype of girls: Women do not wilderness in them,

They are provident rather,

Content inside the tight warm cell of their hearts

To enjoy dusty bread. (1-4)

• Present parenthetical info that reveal line numbers for any quoted text. Inside the first reference, use the term " lines. ” Afterwards, use simply numbers. For instance , the above lines would be and then this notation: (lines 1-2). • Avoid writing simply a summary in the poem.

Span: 3-4 webpages (3-full page minimum); Functions Cited web page (MLA format) Format: MLA format: 1-inch margins, Occasions New Both roman font, point-size 12; entered, double-spaced, branded; stapled; header and pagination Sources: several sources lowest (1-primary options (the composition in the textbook); 2-secondary options (scholarly fictional criticism by books, periodicals, magazines, and newspapers)) Solutions: TJC Selection Databases (http://www.tjc.edu/library/find_articles/); Purdue OWLS (http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/01/); Publishing Center (Jenkins 1108); Books and the Composing Process, pp. 98-106.

Credited Dates: Describe: ________________________ Expert Edit, Hard Draft (completed, typed, and printed): ________________________ Final Draft: Outline, Peer-edited Rough draft, Final draft: _______________________

Analysis: Topic Selection/Appropriateness; Guidelines: Lowest length; MLA style (manuscript); Clear, manly, and conditional thesis declaration; Effective organization (structure), analyzing literary factors; Effective paragraph structure...



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