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Directorate School Education fWffr

ORDER NUMBER 15/66-2010-HRM-1(1)

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www.schooleducationharyana.gov.in We [email protected] com DATED, PANCHKULA: 17/07/2013

In continuation of this office buy no . 15/66-2010-HRM-II(1) dated 13/06/2013 the following official(s) who were marketed to the content of Central Head happen to be hereby modified against vacancy at the station(s) mentioned against their name(s) with instant effect provided that they have not really joined by thier before place of submitting.: Sr. Number Transfer Id Name, Naming and present place of publishing 1 59431 Sh. Virender Khangwal Master Social Research BRC Bhiwani (Bhiwani) [5309] Employee IDENTITY: 061440 Sh. Balbir Singh Master Math concepts GSSS Gudhan (Rohtak) [2796] Employee IDENTITY: 034502 You will need. Megh Raj Master Social Studies BRC Sirsa (Sirsa) [5297] Worker ID: 062339 Sh. Rajiv Kumar Expert Mathematics GHS Ballab Garhi (Rohtak) [2803] Employee ID: 039911 Previous posted as Middle Head GMS Musakhera, Distt. Fatehabad [5768] GHS Chhichhrana, Distt. Panipat [2084] Now Modified at GHS Bidhwan, Distt. Bhiwani [542] Remarks

Against vacancy



GSSS Farmana, Distt. Rohtak [2652]

Against openings



GMS Matuwala, Distt. Sirsa [3045]

GHS Karnoli, Distt. Fatehabad [3378]

Against vacancy



GMS 'Cheri Munak, Distt. Karnal [4792]

GSSS Jaitpur, Distt. Jhajjar [3203]

Against vacancy



Sh. Sanjay Kumar Master Cultural Studies GSSS Makroli Kalan (Rohtak) [2692] Employee IDENTITY: 059444 You will need. Narender C& V Sanskrit GMS Mangali (Gandhi Nagar) (Hisar) [1484] Employee IDENTITY: 061474 You will need. Subash Learn Social Studies BRC Kalanaur (Rohtak) [5244] Employee IDENTIFICATION: 060503 You will need. Om Parkash C& V Hindi GHS Bayanpur Lahrara (Sonipat) [3605] Employee IDENTITY: 063784

GSSS Pipaltha, Distt. Jind [1514]

GSSS Madlauda, Distt. Panipat [2106]

Against openings



GSSS Bhirdana, Distt. Fatehabad [3270]

GMS Devawas, Distt. Bhiwani [645]

Against vacancy



GHS Pangala, Distt. Karnal [1988]

GHS Madanheri, Distt. Hisar [1293]

Against openings



GMS Stated Chhapra, Distt. Karnal [5608]

GSSS Barwasni, Distt. Sonipat [3440]

Against vacancy

Off.: Plot Number 1S, Shiksha Sadan, Sector 5, Panchkula, Haryana 134109 (India) - Tel: 91(0172)-2560246 Fax: 91(0172)-2560253 141Wr g ee q0 141, il, M•1 5 Tr4'tift-134109 (WM) Vq14 91 (0172) 2560246, cite 91; 0172) 2560253

2 on the lookout for 59439 Sh. Raj Buddie Singh Learn Social Research BRC Rewari (Rewari) [5269] Employee IDENTITY: 063208 Sh. Sukh Darshan Master Social Studies GSSS Dhirana (Bhiwani) [445] Employee ID: 063117 Sh. Ved Pal Grasp Social Studies GSSS Misri (Bhiwani) [351] Employee IDENTIFICATION: 062137 Sh. Ashok Kumar Master Social Studies GSSS Dujana (Jhajjar) [3083] Staff ID: 060516 Sh. Sunil Dutt C& V Hindi GHS Kharadwal (Jind) [1740] Employee IDENTITY: 022643 You will need. Mange Memory Master Interpersonal Studies GMS Ashok Nagar (Fatehabad) [5776] Employee ID: 043860 Sh. Sube Singh Master Mathematics GHS Karota (Mahendergarh) [39381 Worker ID: 012029 GMS Dhani Kolana, Distt. Rewari [2567] GSSS Kanhori, Distt. Rewari [2487] Against vacancy



GSSS Norangabass Rajputana, Distt. Bhiwani [569]

GMS Umarwas, Distt. Bhiwani [557]

Vice with Sh. Ved Pal [062137] Vice with Sh. Sukh Darshan [063117] Against vacancy



GMS Umarwas, Distt. Bhiwani [557]

GSSS Norangabass Rajputana, Distt. Bhiwani [569]



GHS Bilona, Distt. Karnal [1994]

GSSS Atawala, Distt. Panipat [2123]



GHS Frain Kalan, Distt. Jind [1709]

GHS Kaloda Kalan, Distt. Jind [1687]

Against vacancy




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