Research Methods And Limits Essay

п»їResearch methods and restrictions


The target respondents are mainly the Mainland Chinese plus the Hong Kong people. And there will be almost 90 respondents included. The questionnaire is designed in three primary parts and distribute by internet. In Part1, this asks for respondent's information in fact it is mainly inquire those respondents who like the national of Chinese or perhaps Hong Kong even more. In Part 2, it is about to ask folks who think which can be the most niceness of the Landmass Chinese or perhaps Hong Kong. Simply 3, it truly is mainly about the fixing of the issues between the Landmass Chinese and Hong Kong persons.


To get questionnaire, considering that the questionnaire is usually distributed in the internet, not many people answer the questionnaire and they don't know can be found of my personal questionnaire. Also, distribute questionnaire through internet was lack of direct response from respondents and some detail or deep-going information will not be collected since the questionnaire can be posted in the internet. Besides, the focusing problem may not very clear enough for while the length questionnaire has reduced the interest of respondent.

Significant findings and summary

Issues of each spots

Fig. 1

There are 1 / 2 respondents may be the Mainland China and 1 / 2 is Hk people. According to fig. 1, most people love Hong Kong, there are 50 percent people and less people who love China and Hong Kong, there are 20% persons. Besides, you will find 30% individuals that love China. Fig. a couple of

People who respect themselves being a Hong Kong people, they mainly think Landmass Chinese is not amiable, there are sixty-eight. 56%. This shows one of the most people who tend not to like the Landmass China. Fig. 3

Individuals that regard themselves as a Chinese, they mainly think Hk people can be not amiable, there are 80. 5%. That shows the most people who do not like the Hong Kong people. Fig. 4

Fig. 5

Folks who regard themselves as a Hk people in Fig. some, they mostly agree with " almost...


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