Research Pitch Colored Light Essay

1B. Title with the Research Proposal

" The influence of coloured in-store lamps on the feeling and purchase actions of a client – an instance of Plug & Smith stores”

1C. Summary of the analysis proposal

Today, in many households and shopping environments girl lighting is present. People change the colour with their home environment to the feeling where they are in at that specific second.

Shop-owners also are looking for new ways to ‘persuade' consumers. Different colours in shops (retail) could be a reason for costumers to experience more comfortable shopping and it might influence their particular shopping conduct.

This research pitch will be a begin for a analysis to the effect of in-store female lighting on customers mood. This research also targets the influence of light brightness on the clients mood. A lot of stores use neon lamps, does this influence the mood or perhaps buying conduct of the costumer? The research will be conducted in Jack and Jones shops, because there is a specific focus on group and they are located throughout the Netherlands.

The investigation will be executed by watching the customer during their shopping procedure and by using a survey. Seeing the customer will give insight inside the shopping conduct, in the path they take in in the store and real time spent in a retail outlet. A customer survey will give information in the identified time and disposition of customers directly after their shopping method.

Expected the desired info is that people take more time in the store and perceive that as a relatively shorter time period when the lamps is glowing and green, pleasant and relaxing. Persons will take more time to think about a purchase. The impact of using red lighting; Persons will dedicate less time in a store and perceive their very own time put in as above the actual time spent shopping. People do not take their very own time to make a decision about what to buy, the instinct purchase will probably be higher. The past expectation is the fact by using colored lighting, persons will call to mind the store faster in the future, because it is different compared to the most other retailers. 1D. Keywords

In-store lamps, coloured light, consumer behavior, mood, order intention. 1E. Host Company

The sponsor institution within this research is the University of Twente. Fenko, A. PHD. is the professor leading and supporting the task. 2A. Theoretical Framework

In home surroundings, business offices, public spots and also to get, people are encountered with different kinds of lighting. Sometimes the lighting is very bright, it is sometimes very soft or nice and sometimes it really is coloured. There have been several studies on the influence of lighting on the disposition of people. Consumers mood is an important aspect intended for shop owners. According to Spies, Hesse and Loesch (1997) simply a positive clients mood may result in spontaneously spending more money on articles a customers simply likes; it is therefore interesting for the shop owner to know the actual influence is of coloured light in a shop is on the mood of a customer. This kind of theoretical structure will start with all the focus on the brightness of lighting and specify little by little to coloured lighting and the change in mood and conduct of a customer. 2 . one particular The effect of light-brightness about peoples disposition and conduct Different research workers did look for an effect within the mood of costumers by using a certain sort of lighting. Boray, Gifford, and Rosenblood (1989) found that warm white-colored, cool white and full-spectrum fluorescent lighting do not substantially affect the feeling of people. During this research, the focus was about performance of quantitative and simple verbal tasks, judgement about the attractiveness with the room, predicted room size and friendliness of other; factors that might also be relevant to purchasing behaviour in a clothing shop like Plug and Smith. Küller, Ballal, Laike, Mikellides and Tonnelo (2006) conducted research to look for the impact of light and coloring on the disposition of people within an indoor...

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Spies, K., Hesse, F., & Loesch, K


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