coffee shop Essay


An infant Feasibility Study

Presented to

The Faculty of the Motel and Restaurant Management

Baguio School of Business and Technology Inc.

In Part Fulfillment

With the Requirements

To get the Subject

Job Analysis, Lay-out and Design


Ruben Ericson L. Amistad

Aug 2014

Background and Rationale

‘Studying the fundamental main reasons why the advocates aim to establish a business espresso shop'.

A coffee shop or cafeteria companies are already well-liked worldwide, a lot of names, establishment and goods. Almost every cafe businesses stay long as a result of satisfying income. How about advancement to this organization that have a risk yet can probably maximize profit. Mobile phone coffee shops that attained equipments that almost in a vehicle that travels in order to places is certainly unique and new essential it is possible. The proponents are planning to study the causes this business should be applied and identified a solution to all or any the problems which may encounter to the research. These are generally some factors and problems:

1 . A great innovation really should have a perfect study before applying and it is little bit difficult to introduce to the mass market.

installment payments on your Risky is involved as it can easily obstruct by other cars it may destroy the automobile full of machineries and top quality assets and equipment that can probably explode.

3. Applying is one of the most difficult part as it has a lot of process and there were only few high-ways to trip, also it features limited places to go just like traveling on the urban areas and primary highways.

4. Supply of coffee beans can be as well limited, Benguet, the region itself create supply of resources wherein the harvest through season.

five. The weather of course can cause the profit loss especially here in Benguet where wet season is usually half-year.

I actually. Project Overview

I. 1 Name of the Business

" Clique Mobile phone Café

Groupe is the proposed name from the business mainly because it's a converted vehicle that in just a single click it is transformed into a small business mobile and it has Wi fi. In addition , ‘mobile', as the phrase itself, it might travel to a single place to another while the portable itself is the kitchen.

I. two Business Logo

I actually. 3 Location

Burnham Park Baguio City, Benguet

My spouse and i. 4 Detailed Definition of the Project

Harmonie Café is known as a coffee shop that serves not simply beverages but includes foodstuff, bread and pastry goods. It has tiny kitchen, machineries in making espresso and pastry products and a small portable comfort room. The dining can be an open location just outside the house around the car wherein every one of the tables and chairs are portable including the tabernacles and tent that covers the spot. It has a sizing of 21ft x 9ft x 9ft. It's a meals and refreshment business that the main system is coffee. That travels in order to places where people usually hang-out. Clique Café serves a few beverages just like herbal tea, warm and chilly Chocó coffee.

I. 5 Vision and Objective


We aim to travel around nationwide to provide the best quality espresso and bread for breakfast in each and every Filipino home that can obtain our least expensive product. All of us intend to showcase tourism and make our very own trademark brand of caffeine product that positions ourself as top coffee shop across the country. Mission:

To supply the best quality and the most satisfying provide product with high standard services. To continuously encourage teamwork and excellence inside our establishment and offer a good environmental relationship between our personnel and consumers.

I. 6th Objective

You will find two primary products we all aim to provide to our marketplace. Our café will build the frequently used style of espresso which is portion coffee and bread. Yet we want to produce name intended for our own item. We goal in making our very own unique taste for our products which our market would want to have. We strongly believe that this would be possible by the aid of...


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