Revlon Inc. Docx Composition

Mission declaration of Revlon

Revlon Inc. mission is always to emerge since the leader in cosmetic and private care across the world. Revlon prides itself in manufacturing the best skin care and strives to please aged older female alike.

Vision declaration of Revlon

Revlon Inc. Vision is to satisfy the requirements of their consumers with glamour and exhilaration that they offer at an affordable price.

SWOT examination


• Revlon is the main player in cosmetics, skin care, fragrance and personal care products. It has long history of 75 years. • Well-known especially among the list of women's.

• Despite of hefty debt and net losses from previous few years. Product development is the main focus area for Revlon. • Strong research and development.

• Revlon items are sold in more than 90 countries.

• Revlon 43 percent product sales are via United States marketplace.

• It is often supporting a lot of health courses for Women. • Advertising is one of the key areas for Revlon.

• Revlon aims to offer quality goods.

• Syndication channels are well managed which the reason Revlon products are being used in more than 100 countries of the world.


• Fragile financial position because of net loss and heavy debts. • Cutting down number of jobs lessen employee trust on the Company. • Continuous modifications in our Organizational Composition may impact the efficiency for employees. • Besides advertising and marketing other promoting areas would be the weak.


• Revlon is currently facing financial complications so joint ventures or perhaps partnership with other players on the market may available the doors of new opportunities. • Utilize most marketing methods in promoting its products; it helps to boost the sales from the company. • Develop goods for guy segment.


• Strong competition with major players of the sector including Procter & Gamble, Unilever, L'Oreal, • Speedy changes in vogue may require weighty...


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