Essay regarding John Keats - Examination

" A thing of beauty can be described as joy for ever:

Their loveliness improves; it will by no means

Move into nothingness" John Keats from Endymion.

John Keats was undoubtedly a very gifted and well loved poet. In this short period of time he was able to leave a poetic heritage which has carressed the hearts and brains of thousands. He possessed an unwavering desire to write poetry, which in turn considering his working school status, was something thought impossible inside the 19th century. He would get over these boundaries however and succeed to make a name intended for himself because of the sheer inventive beauty of his verse.

Let's look at three of his most well-known works:

To Autumn

* General guide: This is a poem in three stanzas of 8-10 lines honoring the beauty of autumn. It also celebrates the idealised world of man and character working in tranquility together.

* Analysis: In the first 4 lines of the poem we really get a feel of the world that Keats describes:

SEASON of mists and mellow fruitfulness,

Close bosom-friend in the maturing sunshine;

Conspiring with him how to fill and bless

With fruit the vines that round the thatch-eves run;

Thinking about man and nature working in harmony with each other can be found in your fourth line, the vines that represent characteristics are bending around the habitations of person in pastoral harmony. Character also harmonizes with the components in balance as the particular seasons conspire with the sun to " load and bless" the fruit that character provides.

Generally, the initially stanza focus's on setting the picture of slide itself, described as a place that is certainly " over-brimmed" with summer, and filling fruit with " ripeness to the primary; " it truly is harvest as well as the fruits of nature happen to be bursting with taste and perfection.

The word choice in normal Keats style is gentle and long lasting and packed with with life, " calm, " " fruitfulness, " " bless, " " vines, " all of these phrases in appear alone load the mind with feeling of calm and comfort. The beautiful appearing of words and phrases...


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