Essay in Experiment 2: Determination in the Identity of your Unknown Water

п»їThe reason for this try things out is to recognize an unknown compound by measuring the denseness and hot point. I am able to determine which compound is my from a listing of known options stating what its real boiling stage and density is.

My own given not known liquid code is G9R.

This kind of liquid is apparent, has a liquid consistency just like water, and has a solid odour that reminds me of alcohol. Denseness using a graduated cylinder:

Trial 1

Trial 2

Trial 3

Amount of liquid (mL)

15. 0mL

30. 0mL

45. 0mL

Mass clear cylinder (g)

73. 4g



Mass cyndrical tube + liquefied (g)

85. 1g

ninety-seven. 2g


Mass liquefied (g)

11. 7g

twenty-three. 8g

34. 6g

Density of the liquid (g/mL)

0. 78g/mL

zero. 79g/mL

zero. 77g/mL

Trial 1: D=m/vTrial 2: D=m/vTrial 3: D=m/v

=11. 7g/15. 0mL=23. 8g/30. 0mL=34. 6g/45. 0mL

=0. 78g/mL=0. 79g/mL=0. 77g/mL

Denseness using a volumetric pipette:

Trial 1

Trial a couple of

Trial several

Volume of liquid(mL)

10. 00mL

20. 00mL

30. 00mL

Mass empty beaker (g)

67. 87g



Mass beaker + liquid (g)

75. 70g

83. 70g

91. 64g

Mass liquid (g)

7. 830g

15. 83g

23. 77g

Density of liquid (g/mL)

0. 7830g/mL

0. 7915g/mL

0. 7923g/mL

Trial you: D=m/vTrial a couple of: D=m/vTrial 3: D=m/v

=7. 830g/10. 00mL=15. 83g/20. 00mL=23. 77g/30. 00mL

=0. 7830g/mL=0. 7915g/mL=0. 7923g/mL

Density utilizing a burette:

Trial 1

Trial 2

Trial 3

Primary burette examining (mL)

0. 00mL

doze. 90mL

twenty six. 00mL

Last burette browsing (mL)

doze. 90mL

26. 00mL

39. 00mL

Amount of liquid added (mL)

12. 90mL

13. 10mL

13. 00mL

Total volume of liquefied in beaker (mL)

12. 90mL

twenty six. 00mL

39. 00mL

Mass empty beaker (g)

97. 76g



Mass beaker + liquid (g)

107. 9g

118. 5g

128. 8g

Mass water (g)

twelve. 14g

twenty. 74g

23. 04

Density of water (g/mL)

0. 7860g/mL

zero. 7997g/mL

0. 7959g/mL

Trial 1: D=m/vTrial 2: D=m/vTrial 3: D=m/v

=10. 14g/12. 90mL=20. 74/26. 00mL=31. 04/39. 00

=0. 7860g/mL=0. 7977g/mL=0. 7959g/mL

Common Density of Unknown Water:

Managed to graduate Cylinder: (0. 78g/mL & 0. 79g/mL + 0. 77g/mL) as well as 3

sama dengan 0. 780g/mL

Volumetric Pipette: (0. 7830g/mL + zero. 7915g/mL & 0. 7923g/mL) / 3

=0. 7889g/mL

Burette: (0. 7860g/mL + 0. 7997g/mL + zero. 7959g/mL) as well as 3

=0. 7939g/mL

Average Density of Unknown Liquid: (0. 780g/mL + zero. 7889g/mL & 0. 7939g/mL) / several

= zero. 788g/mL

Boiling Point Determinations (beaker):

Trial 1

Trial 2

Trial 3

Cooking Point (МЉC)

94МЉ. 1C

87МЉ. 1C

86. 6МЉC

Atmospheric Pressure (ATM) sama dengan 102. 3kPa

When I was reading the Trial you temperature on the thermometer I was looking at it from the aspect, not straight on. After i went to read my next trial I discovered that by viewing that from the front side the deg seemed to actually be a few lower than the optical illusion it provides you from the side. For that reason because my personal trial one particular is method off from the other two I am not going to count it inside my average hot point calculations.

My own procedure has not been correct. I did not turn off the gas, and stir carefully while I observed the stream of pockets coming out of the capillary pipe. I still left it upon until I could see the liquid already getting sucked up into it. This could have improved the outcomes of the cooking food point to a greater degree compared to the actual cooking food point. Common boiling level = (87. 1МЉC & 86. 6МЉC) / a couple of

sama dengan 86. 9МЉC



12. being unfaithful









7. 83

10. 18

11. several

15. 83

20. 74

23. almost 8

23. 77

31. '04

34. six

Density= incline of the type of best fit.


M= 35-8/45-10

M= 27/35

M= 0. 771g/mL

Density sama dengan 0. 771g/mL (from graph)

1 . Common density was the main indicator of my own substance Personally i think because it was your more accurate from the two testing. Boiling stage is a lousy indicator because of my wrong procedure. However that doesn't generate boiling stage totally useless. The only info that was useless was my trial 1 temperatures of my boiling stage because I had been reading the thermometer wrong. 2 . The graduated canister felt fairly accurate, nevertheless I have a regular hand therefore it may have been much easier for me than most others, the...

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