testing ug cable Dissertation


This document proves the high and low ac electricity cable honesty after unit installation or jointing work is completed and prior to connection or reconnection for the PGCB Network. Such assessment and having will be carried out by people, who are qualified and authorized, plus the relevant test results will probably be duly entered into the relevant evaluation report form (refer to CEOF6022 and CEOF6023).


Threat HV Test out Signs

1000V DC Megger

Insulating Gloves

500V DC Megger

Insulated Ground Matting

Low Volt quality Tester

Ideal HV Test out Equipment

Create Test Set (For conventional paper cable only)


Training, Assessment and Authorization

High is contact with risk coming from electrical apparatus a person undertaking work will be properly qualified, trained and assessed as skilled and certified to carry out the job.


Visual Check

A visual check is carried out by the Certified Person to ensure that the skillfullness of the installation of the cable and cable jointing work satisfies PGCB requirements before being connected to the Network.


The high quality Control Manager will be advised 3 working days prior to the commencement of the wire tests. The Accredited Service Provider will be accountable for ensuring that the completed operate is tested and test out reports are forwarded for the Quality Control Coordinator promptly. The Quality Control Coordinator might be present to experience the testing process.

Risk Assessment and Control

Tests about underground cords are probably hazardous to both staff undertaking test and the public in the vicinity. A Worksite CCCE will probably be carried out, by Authorized Person, which will decide the precautions that need to be adopted. For community areas indicators may need to show up and fermetures erected around the test area (including most exposed cable connection terminations) prior to commencing virtually any testing activity.

Intended for HV and LV cable Insulation Amount of resistance tests, a Test Access Permit is not necessary if the Padding Resistance check is performed in a multitude of volts POWER or significantly less and the wire is discharged to the planet for a time period equal to the test time. If an Access Allow for Testing is regarded necessary after a HIRAC analysis it will be finished and given in accordance with CEOP2045 Access Enables. If presently on a Function Access Allow, remove earths and terminate the Access Permit In case the cable provides previously recently been commissioned and connected to Necessary Energy‟s System call System Operations and informs all of them if you demand a Test Access Permit to check a high volt quality cable, including all moments give complete details of location, open factors etc Protecting gloves and ground matting to be utilized.


Hollywood Cable Assessments

Authorized Individuals will full the prescribed tests because specified. All cables must be fully released for period duration comparable to the test time upon completion of each evaluation by means of discharge function upon test equipment or persistent earth.

Test results will be recorded on the HV Underground Cable Test out Report kind, refer to CEOF6022.

Insulated Resistance Test – Level 1

Screen to Earth Test pertaining to XLPE insulated cables is going to record an insulation resistance as per desk below by 500V following one (1) minute. This test will probably be performed initially so as to aid in the reconnection process of the screen to earth interconnection Phase to Screen/Earth, and Phase to Phase tests requires the Authorized Person to measure insulation level of resistance at 1 . kV after one (1) minute timeframe. Minimum VENTOSEAR as per desk below.

Cable Rated Volt quality kV

Minimum IR

@ 1kV DC New Wires

Ph-Ph, Ph-E

Minimum IRGI


Display screen – Elizabeth New Wires


@ 1kV DC Existing Cables Ph-Ph, Ph-E

Minimal IR

@ 500V

Display – At the Existing Wires


500 megohms



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