Essay upon YUM Brand

YUM Brands

SWOT, PESTEL and Porter's 5 Pushes Analyses

Antonio Annicchiarico





1 . Company Overview3

2 . PESTEL Analysis4

three or more. SWOT Analysis7

4. Porter's 5 Forces Analysis9

five. Value Sequence Analysis12

6. Conclusions13

six. References14


PESTEL, SWOT and Porter's 5 Pushes analyses of Yum Brands (15 October 2013, 2957 words)

This kind of work evaluate Yum Brands, one of the major and leading firms in the global quick assistance restaurant (QSR) industry. Through some equipment the author has examined deeply this fast food firm regarding the internal scenario (SWOT), the external environment (PESTEL) and the stakeholders mixed up in industry (Porter's 5 Forces)

key phrases: Yum Brands, PESTLE, SWOT, Porter's a few Forces, QSR, fast food, China


Yum Brands, Inc. is a U. S. business headquartered in Louisville (Kentucky), and is a global leader in the quick service restaurant (QSR) industry exceeding 39. 1000 stores in over 140 countries (YUM, 2013a). Yum was created upon 7 August 1997, under the name Tricon Global Restaurants following the split via PepsiCo. In March 2002, they obtained the Yorkshire Global Eating places, based in Lexington (Kentucky), delivering into the family members also Extended John Silver's and A& W Eating places. The purchase of Yorkshire is effective on several May 2002 and next 16 May, the group formally changed thier name in Yum Brands, Incorporation. In 2005 the company founded the string East Dawning selling products of Chinese dishes with the business structure of junk food. The group owns the subsequent restaurant chains: Pizza Hut, Kentucky Toast Chicken, Palabrota Bell, East Dawning and Wing Street (Reuters, 2013a).


A PESTLE research is a tool to review the macro environment or external forces, away from company's control, that can impact the business strategies and upcoming projects. PESTLE stands for Politics, Economic, Sociological, Technological, Legal, and Environmental. The PESTLE analysis may help a company to alter direction, determine new potential opportunities and it is considered probably the most useful tools in the tactical decision making (Strategic Planet, 2013).


The best firms from the QSR market have to abide by the requirements imposed by the county, such as the minimal wage, that may affect the costs and corporate income. For instance, Yum's operations are highly affected by the countries policies enforced by simply local governments, like in the Chinese Market (PwC, 2013). Also, the national governments may travel the companies to advertise healthier companies requires companies to publish the ingredients and caloric composition in the food offered in their retailers (BBC, 2011). Due to many local Government authorities are highly focused on health implication about eating take out (Inthenews, 3 years ago; BBC, 2007), Yum continues to be constrained to reply to this health concerns by bringing out dishes just like salads and lighter meals (The Economist, 2005).


Although customer confidence was badly motivated by the downturn of 2008, the number of the shoppers and their typical expenditure inside the Yum as well as competitors are increased as a result of low prices (The Economist, 2010). Also, Yum, with all its brands, the fatigue post-recession effects by adding to its very low and competitive prices, various offers and promotions and focusing on merchandising (Romeo, 2010). The firm, due to the continuous fluctuation with the raw materials charge, with a accompanying raise of the costs, chose to increase the taking to be significantly less reliant upon virgin raw materials (SEC, 2013). Social

The increasingly developing awareness by simply customers relating to healthier lifestyle due to the great deal of emphasis focused on healthful eating in many countries, such as U. K.,...

References: PESTEL, SWOT and Porter's 5 Forces analyses of Yum Brands

(15 October 2013, 2957 words)


Although consumer confidence was badly motivated by the recession of 08, the number of the purchasers and their typical expenditure inside the Yum and its competitors are increased as a result of low prices (The Economist, 2010)


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